From: David Flechard
To: Don Martin
Date: Sep 1 1998 1:27:38 pm
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
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DM>>     In view of the absence of any credible evidence for the
DM>> resurrection, and of the presence of considerable evidence
DM>> for death itself, death is all that is left for the cult to
DM>> practice, whatever other fantasies it may entertain.

DF>> I'm not sure I get your meaning. Which cult? What
DF>> practices of death?

DM>     At the time of my response, I imagined the cult you had
DM> in view when you asserted, "it isn't founded on an act of
DM> torture and slow death, it's founded on the resurrection from
DM> death," was Christianity, but I may have been mistaken. Did
DM> you have some other cult in mind?

I was thrown off by the reference to "death is all that is left for the
cult to practice," which made me think you had in mind some organization
engaged in regular or ritual killing of some sort. You know, like the Thugees.
But now that you've explained what you meant, I understand your meaning
more clearly.

DM> In any event, have you any
DM> credible evidence for the resurrection of which you speak?

If you mean physical evidence, none at all.

DM> About the reality of death little doubt (and even
DM> less confusion, save yours) appears to exist.

I'm not confused at all. You may not share my beliefs, of course, but that's
another issue. Being confused is not defined as having a different view
of the world from yourself.

DM>     Now, are we on the same page here?

Definitely so now, but possibly reading different parts.

David Flechard

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