From: David Flechard
Date: Sep 1 1998 10:19:09 am
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
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-=>> Did David Flechard really say THAT to Paul Walker <=-

DF>> The symbol for Amnesty International includes a ring of
DF>> barbed wire, but it isn't _founded_ on torture,
DF>> incarceration and injustice, quite the opposite.

JB> Yes it is. Torture, incarceration and injustice are the exact
JB> reasons Amnesty International was founded. And the symbol of
JB> barbed wire is a hell of a lot more kind than the treatment
JB> they protest.

Perhaps we are at cross-purposes. Amnesty International as an organization
stands for release of the wrongly incarcerated. It stands against torture
and injustice. It was not founded on torture and injustice, but in opposition
to torture and injustice.

David Flechard

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