From: David Flechard
Date: Sep 1 1998 11:31:56 am
Subject: PA Murders 01/
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DF>> You have to address the real issues here. The bombings in N.
DF>> Ireland

JB> Catholic vs. Protestant IS the real issue here. Whatever else
JB> it has become, the impetus is religion. Deny it however you
JB> like, doesn't make any difference.

Perhaps you know less about the politics of Ireland and the history of partition
than you think you do.

The impetus has nothing to do with religion. The IRA are not seeking to
convert Protestants to Catholicism. The loyalist terrorists and their terrorist
associates are not seeking to convert Catholics to Protestantism. They are
not making religious points. The dispute is territorial. The IRA and their
political counterparts Sinn Fein seek the end of partition and a united
Ireland. That is _their_ objective. Deny it however you like, it doesn't
make any difference.

David Flechard

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