From: CF Green
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Feb 16 1998 6:35:46 am
Subject: CASE #5
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-=> Quoting Judith Bandsma to William Putnam <=-

Hello Judith,

JB>As to this one. Stigmata is so common. There's a black girl in Georgia,
JB>member of an AME church, that has exhibited it since she was 7. TODAY,
JB> But she's black, non-catholic and not claiming anything more than that
JB> it's a pain in the expensive for all the clothes that have
JB> gotten ruined since she was 7. She's now an adult, married and with
JB> kids of her own. The episodes have lessened in severity and frequence
JB> but still occur.

Long time no write, but I'm out of the funny farm again.

I presume that stigmata have a traceable record back through history?

Cynically speaking, if I happened to know of a Jewish Prophet who just
coincidentally occasionally got stigmata, and wanted to stage the
'Ness'ianic Return; where would I look for such a person - Holywood?

"Right so we've got this profit called Loss Leader, lads.  We'll give him
a name change and call him the same as that standin what's going to do the
death scene.  Yes, I know he's deaf and dumb, don't worry we'll write it
all up afterwards in the adverts; and make certain the Guild of
Professional Beggars know what to do when he walks passed.  Hey you! Yes,
you Alf Marks! Make certain their are plenty of Groupies around for after
the death scene, and make certain that the bloody profit's bleeding!"


... Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive.
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