From: Katherine Wintersnight
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Dec 25 1997 11:50:00 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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JV>Hello Katherine...

JV>Friday December 19 1997 12:53, Katherine Wintersnight said to Joseph

JV> JS>> Mere demonic threats can do nothing but state the truth of who
you are!
JV> JS>> Besides my angels are bigger than your demons anyway!
JV> JS>> hehehe!

JV> KW> Hey, congratulations on being promoted to demonic status . . .

JV>I'm so proud.  Of course, I'd prefer that when I lay down to finally
JV>just before the sun rises, and I plead at the demons in xtian hell, that
JV>succubus would rise from the depths and give me the greatest head ever
JV>swallow my horrid nectar, so that I may truly believe. <g>

Well, I'm afraid that the closest that you're going to get to that in
here is KYJelly sidling up to you and offering to show you the horrors
of homosexuality.

JV> KW> although it's beginning to look like what J's really wanting is
JV> KW> pecker measuring contest.

JV>Considering the J's pecker is not yet developed, there cannot be a contest.

Perhaps J's problem is that 'his' parents never could muster the courage
to tell him he was really a truly ugly girl.

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