From: Katherine Wintersnight
To: (J.j. H
Date: Jan 22 1998 2:25:00 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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To: (J.J. Hitt)
Subject: Re: doubting gods

JH>From: (J.J. Hitt)
JH>Subject: Re: doubting gods
JH>Organization: Self

JH>X-Ftn-To: J. Shaughnessy

JH>>One proof is that I am free!!! =20

JH> Free of what? Fleas?
JH> If you reply "sin", please provide some evidence that
JH> such a thing as "sin" exists.

It do seem that there's a state supported college there with a staff
member by that name.  All I can turn up on him on the internet has to do
with a Creation Research Society--he's on the board of directors.
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