Date: Sep 1 1998 6:23:00 pm
Subject: I was abducted!
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-=> On 08-25-98  11:52, Shane Coleman did testify and affirm <=-
-=> to Fredric Rice concerning I was abducted! <=-

FR> Well, John seems to think that "thousands" of people are
FR> getting abducted though he couldn't come up with even one
FR> testable name.  Funny how that's always the case, huh?
FR> Gee.  I wonder why.

SC> I have the abduction evidence you need, ME :)

And the abduction included the usual lobotomy, right?

SC> I was abducted by the filthy capitalist dogs when I was
SC> sixteen years old. They put me to work in their factories
SC> from which I have no escape.  I am doomed to a life of
SC> despair inflicted upon me by my abductors.

In the words of the Eagles:

"You're a victim of this. You're a victim of that.
Your momma's too thin and your daddy's too fat.

SC> From my experience your science has only enslaved me to a
SC> machine.

There are consequences to being no smarter than the

SC> Your science is a tool that has enslaved humanity,

Enjoying that neo-Luddism, are you, Shane?

SC> wether science ment to do this or not is irelevant.

I'd love to see you spend a month as a hunter-gatherer.

SC> Let the UFO's come.

They're here and they're still unidentified.

... Well, well, looks like a clear case of clue deficit disorder!

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