From: William Putnam
To: Jan Deboer
Date: Feb 21 1998 9:53:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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JAN DEBOER spoke thusly about: Case #5

>On 11 Feb 98  13:49:00 William Putnam wrote to Sean Mccullough...

WP> Sean, from the get go, I never claimed that the
WP> books I recommended are in and of themselves,
WP> evidence.  Certainly, you would want to go to
WP> the source, which is the results of the various
WP> commissions established by the local Church in
WP> whose district a given miracles occurs.  I have
WP> no idea what it would take to acquire at least
WP> certified copies of such documents. If you are
WP> interested, have fun!

>Of what possible value are 'certified copies' of documents

Well, interestingly, the Church does indeed,
establish a commimssion.  But for obvious
reasons, the members are intentionally, so
far as is possible, non-Catholics.  So far
as I can tell, most of the documents are in
the hands of the many universities of the
professors that did the examinations, but of
course, I am sure the Church has copies.

As you are certainly aware, universities often
take delight in opposing the Church when it
can, so have a ball and see what you can find

>If you're thinking of buying a house or a car, do you
>hire the seller to inspect it for you?

Of course not, which is why the Church goes
to independent investigators who are often
hostile to the Church.

>Why can't god perform miracles in a laboratory setting?

How do you know that for sure?  Miracles are
often private in nature, those that are not
widely known, thus fall through the cracks
of the type of miracles I am speaking of.

Go into any delivery room of a hospital;
I have a daughter who is an OB/GYN nurse.

Every birth is a miracle, Jan.  If you don't
believe it, ask her.



* PW * Miserere mei, Domine.

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