From: William Putnam
To: Sean Mccullough
Date: Feb 16 1998 7:22:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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SEAN MCCULLOUGH spoke thusly about: Case #5

> Do you expect such a publishing house to be able
> to operate totally as non-prophet organization?
>                             ^^^^^^^
>                              profit

Thank you for correcting my spelling.  I am not

>The only non-PROPHET organization I know of is American Atheists!!   :-)

<G> Funny! :-)

>But, as far as completely non-PROFIT organizations go, you were saying:

>     (Symbol "!>" marks the spelling-corrected quote:)

Good, I needed that!  :-)

!> Do you expect such a publishing house to be able to operate totally as
!> a non-profit organization??

> I know of NO publishing house, Catholic, Protestant
> or secular who are able to do this.

>Check out Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tell me about it, Sean.

>Their history is downright shady in some ways.

Tell me about it, Sean. Where are they shady?
What kind of an organization are they? With
whom are they affiliated with?

>They are here in Colorado *precisely* because they can operate here as
>completely non-profit organization.

Do they have an area within the organization
that makes money?  Then that operation should
be taxed like anyone else.

>It is my understanding (I wasn't there) that Focus left California when
>that State threatened them with taxation.

We had a situation here with Pensacola Christian
College.  They are entirely non-profit except for
their publishing and printing.  That part is
profit making, and they are taxed for it.



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