From: William Putnam
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 17 1998 1:44:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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J. SHAUGHNESSY spoke thusly about: Case #5

WP> FREDRIC RICE spoke thusly about: Case #5

> As with most mystics and visionaries, Therese was a very pius,
> unassuming and soft-spoken person.  She obviously fit into
> the pattern of a person that might be chosen by God to be a

FR>Do you have any evidence for these deity constructs of yours?

WP> <Sigh!>  That is from Case #5.  Please note the
WP> book recommended for reading!  More of this
WP> nonsense, and I will not reply to you.  You want
WP> a meaningful discussion?  Send me meaningful
WP> replies.

>Hehehehe   Bill, There is a 99.2734928374273 percent chance
>that that won't happen... Just have fun and they can nash their
>teeth all they want...Don't let them set you up...
>Let the Spirit of God direct you to post to those that need
>the Word...

I know it.  Doing what I do keeps my postings
down.  Any profane language, ad hominums, or
put downs and I cease replying.  'Tis a waste
of my time.

But somehow, some way, some of what I say may
just spark an interest, a curiosity and who
knows, a conversion down the road.

Come Holy Spirit........

God bless,



* PW * Regina Angelorum, ora pro nobis!

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