From: William Putnam
To: God Dan
Date: Feb 17 1998 1:23:00 pm
Subject: CASE #5
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GOD DAN spoke thusly about: CASE #5

GD>What kind of profanity will you reply to?

WP> All you have seen me fail to respond to.

>You are a hoot, Willy.  Explain how you know what profanity is so
>we really know that a particular word is profane.  Provide some
>examples of those words.

Why Danny boy, that is about the kindest thing
you have said about me. If you want examples
of of these words, go back and check the
messages I refused to answer.  Have pencil
and paper ready to make yourself a list! :-)

WP> fail to respond to posts that are frivolous,
WP> nonsensical, and generally a put-down and
WP> ad hominin in nature.

>You have a big problem then, Willy.  Everything in this
message is in downright seriousness.

>Now, provide us with a list of profane words.

YOu would not know seriousness if it were to
rear up and bit you.  Make your own list,
sonny boy; simply do as I suggest and you
will compile it yourself.



* PW * Gloria tibi, Domine.

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