From: William Putnam
To: Sean Mccullough
Date: Feb 11 1998 1:49:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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SEAN MCCULLOUGH spoke thusly about: Case #5

>                       THERESE NEUMANN

>                  THERESE NEUMANN
>                Mystic and Stigmatist
>                Adalbert Albert Vogl
>                TAN Books and Publishers
>                ISBN: 0-89555-241-8

> I would only add that one must see the color photographs!

SM>No book liable to be published by Tan can rightly be considered as evid
SM>for ANYTHING unless corroborated. Tan Books is a blatantly Catholic
SM>BELIEVING publishing house. It is no more to be relied upon without
SM>corroboration than is Focus on the Family, and for the exact same reaso

Sean, from the get go, I never claimed that the
books I recommended are in and of themselves,
evidence.  Certainly, you would want to go to
the source, which is the results of the various
commissions established by the local Church in
whose district a given miracles occurs.  I have
no idea what it would take to acquire at least
certified copies of such documents. If you are
interested, have fun!

SM>(Tan, however, is HONEST enough to admit its status as a profit busines
SM>however. This does show in its favor.)

Do you expect such a publishing house to be able
to operate totally as non-prophet organization?

I know of NO publishing house, Catholic, Protestant
or secular who are able to do this.

SM>Again, I remind you that the Roman Catholic Church ITSELF has had ever
SM>fewer successes in officially verifying miracles as time goes on and
SM>explanations become ever easier to obtain.

<G> I wonder how you come to such a conclusion.
But in some ways, you are correct: Today, it is
RARE INDEED that a miracle is verified! That is
how it should be!  In fact, it is as it always
was from about the time, such miracles were
formally investigated. The Church does not
expect a bonafide miracle of the types we are
speaking of just everyday of the year!  They
are rare because they are a remarkable act of
God to have it so! (My opinion, BTW)

SM>*NO* miracles, officially accepted by the Church as such, have come fro
SM>Lourdes since 1960, and only ONE since World War II. This DESPITE the
SM>that MORE phenomena are submitted for examination than ever before in

We have Mejugorjue in Yugoslavia, which I suspect
will have some sort of approval within a few

But let me set something straight here.  The Church
goes out of her way to disprove such things.  The
one case I know of, in Conyers, Georgia, has the
Archbishop of Atlanta declaring the place off-limits
to priests.  There is evidence of insincerity here
that has nothing to do with modern science of
investigation.  In earlier times, I understand
that the Church actually had to impose a INTERDICT
on the sites of such miracles that are suspected
to be fraudulent!  There is nothing new with how
the Church handles these matter then, and the
cases we see NOW.

SM>Why is this, William??

Answer already given.  As in Lourdes, where most
of the reported miracles were discarded as an
authentic miracle, the Church likewise discounts
most of the occurrences she
always has.



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