From: William Putnam
To: All
Date: Feb 7 1998 1:43:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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The last phenomenon I want to discuss now is the experiences
of one Therese Neumann.  She was born in 1898 in Konnersreuth,
Barvaria, Germany.

As with most mystics and visionaries, Therese was a very pius,
unassuming and soft-spoken person.  She obviously fit into
the pattern of a person that might be chosen by God to be a
special messenger in whatever manner, God might have chosen
for the person to endure.  Like St. Bernadette just discussed
above, and the three children of Fatima, Portugal, Therese
was indeed chosen for a special ministry -- a ministry that
is rare, and seldom seen throughout the history of the Church.
Few canonized saints were so privileged to be similarly

One often wonders what it must have been like to see Jesus
Christ, scourged at the pillar with the terrible lash,
crowned with the crown of thorns, and finally, nailed to a
cross, with a death confirmed by the piercing of the sides to
notice the flow of water with the blood.  It was Therese
Neumann who was to show us in modern times, for it was she,
chosen by God, to duplicate those very same wounds!  Her
hands feet, side, forehead, and even the blood that was to
flow from her eyes, to show the terrible agony Jesus suffered
in His sacrifice on the cross.  The phenomenon (called
stigmaticism) began in her youth and ceased at her death in
1962.  While the wounds would seem to heal slightly in between
times, Fridays and especially the one day of Lent, On Good
Friday, the phenomenon took it's greatest toll upon her.
Coincident to the opening up of the wounds, and the great flow
of blood from every orifice, including the wounds along her
forehead from the great thorns of the crown of thorns, she
would go into as ecstatic trance.  Medical examinations by
banks of medical doctors were on hand to measure every drop
of blood, and to measure every bodily function during these
events.  Nothing could be found to indicate fraud or deceit
on anyone's part.  This went on for years and years, and are
included in mountains and mountains of documents of the many
years these events occurred during her lifetime.  But there
was more to come.

Therese came to take less and less food, until a time came when
the only solid food taken was the Eucharist (the consecrated
bread of Holy Communion.) She subsisted on only this meager meal
for many years and up until her death.  She was closely monitored,
and her every move was documented, and it has been carefully
determined that indeed, the Eucharist was her ONLY meal.

Other phenomenon documented includes speaking in tongues (All
Pentecostals, take note), prophesy, many visions, cures, bi-
location, and other phenomenon that are documented to the finest

Upon her death in 1962, the cause for beatification and ultimate
canonization were immediately started.  Her story, not adequately
told here, is for me, proof that God has left mighty "footprints"
for all of to see and to believe. To read and see the whole
story, one must acquire read the following biographical account:

Mystic and Stigmatist
Adalbert Albert Vogl
TAN Books and Publishers
ISBN: 0-89555-241-8

I would only add that one must see the color photographs!

William M. Putnam

... For those who do not believe in God, no proof is possible;
... For those who believe in God, no proof is necessary.

* PW * Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.

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