Date: Sep 1 1998 8:09:12 pm
Subject: Fredric Rice altering quo
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-=> Did Steve Asher really say THAT to David Rice <=-

SA> I see no difference between changing fuck to f*ck and Dragonfest
SA> to [D F]. Judith Bandsma must have thought there was substance

Well, try it and see how long you last. Your last quote editing has
you on thin ice as it is...seeing as how David agrees with me that YOU
are the only one who could have changed it.

SA> to it, as she had the presence of mind to immediately falsely
SA> accuse me of doing it, and is still doing so. Demented harpy.

Yes my dear...with talons nicely sharpened.

Poor widdle Stevey. Peeing his pants cuz he's so scared of the big
bad woman who sees through his lies.

Us people without pricks ain't supposed to do that, are we?  OOOOPS!
Since you don't have one yourself, you can't really answer that, can you?

Oh dear. It just hit me that you haven't got a clue as to where 'angels'
came from, do you?

... Creationist, 'eh? Now we've got to find someone fluent in stupid.
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