Date: Aug 30 1998 9:01:24 am
Subject: Salt
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-=> Did Steph Parker really say THAT to Sue Alexander <=-

SP> According to the guy on the radio the test was done on a group of

Please give us the following;

1) Name of 'guy on the radio'
2) Name of show with 'gotr'
3) Call letters of station with show with 'gotr'
4) City where station with show with 'gotr' resides
5) State and Country of above

SP> peole in a room and then they tested the blood in the mosquitoes with
SP> 'O' type blood being a lower percentage of the blood in the mosquitoes
SP> relative to the blood in the people.

This sounds like something out of Weekly World News. You're trying to
snow people and you evidently haven't realized that some nameless 'guy
on the radio' is NOT going to cut it here.

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