Date: Sep 14 1998 10:25:38 pm
Subject: Salt
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Sue Alexander, wondering why bourbon with no ice was so neat, said "Salt"
to Marty Leipzig


ML> Two sure fire mosquito repellants:

ML> 1. Smoke a huge, double maduro cigar. Keeps away mosquitos,
ML> Mothers-in-laws, Fundies, and other pests.

SA> I would think that would keep away most of the known universe.

Nahh...only the jealous and those with taste only in their mouths.

ML> 2. Mix together 3 parts beach sand and 2 parts cheap scotch (if
ML> that's not too redundant). Apply dermally, liberally. When
ML> mosquitos land and try to puncture your epidermis, they get
ML> drunk and start heaving rocks at each other.

SA> Either that, or the cheap booze seeps in and gets you so drunk
SA> you don't care if you are itching for days.

Well, there *is* that too...

SA> Add a palatable refreshment for oral injestion, and you might
SA> just have something there...

500 ml iced EtOh (minus humic acid and peat moss), taken orally.
Administer X times/day (where X-> towards a very large number...)

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