Date: Sep 1 1998 10:25:42 pm
Subject: Salt
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Sean Mccullough, wondering why bourbon with no ice was so neat, said "Salt"
to Curtis Johnson

>  TG> for their most part and it works well. I think I will force
>  TG> myself to make my own high volume water treatment system for my home
>  TG> eventually.  Our town uses "Aquafer Water"! SO we get a lot of disolved
>  TG> salts, nitrates, calciums, etc in the water. We can look at some

>  Speaking of aquifers, early in the next century agriculture
>  in the Midwest will be taking a hit when the Ogalla Aquifer runs
>  dry.

SM> You may be running afoul of Dr. Leipzig here.

Indeed. Fideaux is being a bad boy, as I missed this first time
around. I'd be on that like a cheetah on an oryx.

SM> When I last mentioned the possibility of the Ogallala Aquifer running
SM> dry, he argued otherwise.

The Ogallala Aquifer has a huge capture and recharge area; it is
not a hydrodynamically closed system. It cannot, will not and
ain't gonna "run dry". It may, due to water coning and excessive
withdrawal via pumping, have it's piezometric surface lowered to
such a degree that it will fail to produce at (a.) historic
rates), and/or (2.) sufficent quantities of water for a
particular purpose (hydrogeologists are a weird crew and
anthropomorphosize their beloved reservoirs; petroleum
geologists just want the crude and pull 'em hard...).

The hydrostatic head MAY be lowered considerably, previously
artesian wells (those which flow to surface unaided) MAY need
pumping and flow rates MAY decrease (some precipitously); but it
will not "run dry".

So there.
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