Date: Sep 2 1998 5:37:22 am
Subject: Salt
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-=> Did Dave Hamilton really say THAT to Judith Bandsma <=-

DH> I'd think you'd want to check skin secretions.

Probably so. The B1 makes you smell bad to mosquitoes. <G>

DH> parts, people grow citronella(sp?) plants and make candles
DH> out of them, which seem to successfully repel all kinds of
DH> critters. I've never even SEEN a 4-legged grasshopper.

There's a Dutch grass that works like that, too. I can't remember the
name of it. I wanted some for here but it doesn't take heat very well.

I've never seen a 4-legged grasshopper either. I wonder if the cats
eat them before I get a chance to see them. Having only 4 legs, they
couldn't get away as quickly as the 6-legged ones.

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