From: Judith Bandsma
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 8 1998 5:37:00 am
Subject: Case #5
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-=> Quoting William Putnam to All <=-

WP> Neumann who was to show us in modern times, for it was she,
WP> chosen by God, to duplicate those very same wounds!  Her
WP> hands feet, side, forehead, and even the blood that was to

Case #4...they showed "The Song of Bernadette" on the Turner Channel
again, didn't they? As to her body...crack that glass and see how fast
you get putrifaction. Although the primitive chemicals used to treat
the knee tumor may have had something to do with it.

As to this one. Stigmata is so common. There's a black girl in Georgia,
member of an AME church, that has exhibited it since she was 7. TODAY,
Willy, not a hundred years ago.

Stigmata has been shown to be a hysterical condition in EVERY case of
it. This one you present is not even close to being the only one. And I
guess you've never heard of anorexia. A person exhibiting stigmata would
probably fall into the same class of perfectionists that produce

Like I said...the virgin in the dog dish is just as valid (maybe even
more so) than anything you've presented.

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