Date: Aug 11 1998 5:04:00 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Did God Dan really say THAT to Judith Bandsma <=-

GD> On the floor out of the container?

Yep, just take the salt box and sprinkle it on the floor. I usually
leave it about 10 minutes all over the place and then push it back
into the corners and along the baseboards. Visitors may think you're
a slob...but not as bad as they will if they get flea bit. <G>

GD> On this, do you mean that you you a salt spray on the cats/dogs?

No. Advantage and Frontline are 2 flea preparations that go on the
animal and are available only through the vet. They are absolutely
wonderful. But Mama cat won't accept any handling (she'll rub all over
my feet, but if I try to pet her or pick her up, I won't see her for
weeks) that would allow me to get Advantage or Frontline on her.

GD> Seems like the fleas are getting to the critters around here and
GD> how you use salt to control them will help a lot!

If you can afford Advantage or Frontline (they're each good for about
3 months), go that route. Salt will help keep them down but it won't
eliminate them completely.

If you have an infestation...especially in carpeting...take the animal
out of the room and put down moth crystals overnight. Vacuum and air
the room the next day. Moth crystals will take care of fleas, their eggs
and future infestations for about 6 months.

Oh yes, put a moth ball in your vacuum cleaner bag. Any fleas you vacuum
up will not live long enough to escape.

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