Date: Aug 29 1998 10:23:06 pm
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
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-=> Quoting David Flechard to Richard Smith <=-

PW>> appears to be founded on an act of torture and a slow
PW>> lingering death, it's deliciously ironic.
df>> It isn't founded on an act of torture and slow death,
df>> it's founded on the resurrection from death.

RS>  . . . which couldn't have happened (if it ever did) unless
RS>  there was first the act of torture and a slow lingering
RS>  death.  Remove that act, and your whole religion collapses.

DF> The _mode_ of Jesus' death and what preceded it is not relevant. Every
DF> human being is subject to death. The relevance for Christianity is
DF> resurrection from the dead, not resurrection from a particular mode
DF> death. The Resurrection would have exactly the same religious or
DF> theological significance no matter how Jesus' mortal life ended.

Yeah, well, perhaps. But if Jesus was stoned to death, Catholics,
rather than having to make the sign of the cross, would have to bash
themselves upside the head with a rock.

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