From: Dave Hamilton
To: Steph Parker
Date: Aug 23 1998 1:16:46 pm
Subject: Salt
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About a message of Steph Parker to Dave Hamilton:

SP> I have heard that mosquitoes don't like people with 'O' type blood
SP> maybe fleas are similar.

I must confess to not knowing any of the blood types in my family
including my own.

SP> Though one reason that a lot of people think that they don't get
SP> bitten is because they don't get the reaction to the bites that most
SP> people do and this can be due to not being allergic to the bite
SP> (actually the anaesthetic injected).

That is very true, and applies to animals as well. Some dogs are
more sensitive to flea bites than others and nibble away chunks
of fur.

The same may be true of mosquitos. As far as I can tell, my
german shepherd is not bothered by them at all, but it could
be that they burrow into the fur and anaethetize the site.

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