From: Dave Hamilton
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Aug 13 1998 1:04:44 pm
Subject: Salt
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About a message of Curtis Johnson to JUDITH BANDSMA:

JB>> The other animals get Frontline topspot except for Spike who had a
JB>> bad reaction to it. He gets Advantage.

CJ>  Thanks for the tips!

I can offer a ringing endorsement for Advantage. Four drops on the
skin per month, and no fleas.

They were easy to dispose of in Ontario because the winters would
kill off the outside ones for you, but here we got a nasty case of
them on the dog and the carpet. Advantage cleared them up in less
than a week, and the ones in the carpet have been reduced to almost
none. The vet now tells us to get rid of the remainders by bringing
in the Advantage-treated dog. They will jump on her and die.

I did use Judith's moth-ball method once on a carpeted house. For
several years the vacuum's exhaust smelled like mothballs. I found
that more offensive than the fleas.

For some unknown reason fleas just don't bite me. They do bite
everyone else in the house, but they will jump on my bare feet
and just jump back off. Maybe I need to shower more.

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