From: Dave Hamilton
To: George Jiri Opletal
Date: Sep 28 1998 6:24:18 am
Subject: What if?
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About a message of George Jiri Opletal to Dave Hamilton:

DH>> Where do the neurons come from that store memory?

GJO>    There a various way to store the energy.  As you know, during the
GJO> final  collapse,

What final collapse?

GJO> The main point is that there is
GJO> nothing special about our human  brain as opposed to other mediums
GJO> (computers etc..).  In other words, the AI  postulate is valid and
GJO> thought can be emulated on the most general Turing  machines.

It would seem that computers, even biological ones, are evolving
along drastically different lines than humans.

I was under the impression you were suggesting that the human
intellect would survive death. Artifacts such as books and computers
have survived the death of individuals already. I thought you were
proposing something different. Never mind.

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