From: Dave Hamilton
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Sep 17 1998 11:09:56 am
Subject: Evil God-Haters.
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About a message of Laurie Appleton to Dave Hamilton:

LA>>    It was NOT the Jews who put Jesus to death, but rather
LA>> some of the RULERS who orchestrated the outrage.

DH>> Really. So when the crowd outside the courtroom had the
DH>> chance to set Jesus free, why did the whole crowd call
DH>> for his crucifixion?

LA>    It tells you! "But the chief priests and elders persuaded
LA> the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy
LA> Jesus". (Matt. 27:20)

And what religion was the multitude, hmmm? Christian?

LA> Is it possible that you regard that
LA> "whole crowd" as being almost the whole of the population
LA> of the whole country?

Irrelevant. It was a majority sufficient to make the

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