From: Dave Hamilton
To: God Dan
Date: Sep 13 1998 11:09:30 am
Subject: Salt
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About a message of God Dan to Dave Hamilton:

GD> I've only been some 80 klicks east of Montreal.

Quebec City is beautiful. Expensive to visit, but pretty.

DH>> it toasted that would be "sandwich Western a roties." Last time
DH>> I was there, "hot dog" was still in use. The Language Police are
DH>> slipping -

GD> The problem(?) they have is that there happens to be a large market

GD> just south of their border that they can't afford to piss off.  I saw

GD> that as a sales rep when I was in Quebec.

Egocentric thinking usually does not venture into the long term. If
they separate they will have to come to terms with the packages of
products they import.

The restaurants and other tourist businesses on the Trans Canada
Highway know full well what languages they need to use in order
to stay in business. The provincial government is currently engaged
in the infrastructure-project of digging a very large hole for its

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