From: Dave Hamilton
To: God Dan
Date: Sep 9 1998 12:55:12 pm
Subject: Salt
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About a message of God Dan to Dave Hamilton:

DH>> Most likely they'll be dumb enough to base it on the Franc.

GD> Not likely, as France isn't French enough for the Quebecois.

That is correct. In 1981, I did some work for Hewlett-Packard that
required a bilingual manual. It was 30 pages long. We got an HP
technical writer in Quebec to do it, right in the heat of Bill 104
(the Quebec language law). It cost us $10,000 to finish that sucker.

With the rushing advent of technology, Quebec sent a language
team to France at that time to collect the terminology for the
info-processing biz. The Parisiennes were calling a computer,
"computer." So the Quebequois invented their own word, "ordinateur,"
to take its place, along with a whole vocabulary of terms that
prior to this had had no relevence to data processing whatsoever.
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