From: Dave Hamilton
To: God Dan
Date: Sep 8 1998 10:49:36 am
Subject: Salt
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About a message of God Dan to Dave Hamilton:

DH>> that the danger of loose unused seatbelts during normal operation and
DH>> they have better odds without them.

GD> The answer to that is easy:  Any misuse of seat belts and the offender

GD> is barred from riding the bus.

The best of luck getting that one passed. They tried giving some
authority to the bus drivers in Ontario with the result that the
parents reniged when it came to support.

What they wound up with is a rule that says if a child "physically
harms" another child, then the driver makes a case to the school
principal. If the principal agrees (and rarely does not, but you
can see where the authority lies) then the kid gets a number of
days off.

The parents would, in majority, rather let the kid go on causing
trouble than be inconvenienced by having to drive the kid to school
for a day or two.

None of this stops them from going wild on the bus. The drivers
that can handle a bus in winter weather with all hell breaking
loose inside deserve some kind of medals, if not higher pay.

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