From: Dave Hamilton
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Sep 5 1998 10:26:26 am
Subject: Salt
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About a message of Curtis Johnson to Dave Hamilton:

CJ>  There are a *lot* of fascinating studies about what
CJ>  attracts mosquitoes and what doesn't.  (Hey, big beaucoups
CJ>  in effective skeeter scares.)

For sure. We don't have them here, but on the Canadian Shield
there are *blackflies*. They look like very small fruitflies.
Their bites are painless, but they leave an itchy patch of skin
about 4cm in diameter. They cloud around you like mosquitoes.
Marty will know them from Siberia. Most folks I know will allow
themselves to be bitten by mosquitoes and build up enough antibodies
so that they are no longer sensitive to the bites, but blackflies
will intrude sufficintly to get you to take action. Muskoil works,
but it's almost as uncomfortable as having blackfly bites. I'm
happy to be free of them, and home in the village here there
are no mosquitoes. People don't usually screen their windows.

CJ>  One variable you haven't mentioned, though.  Plants
CJ>  do secrete alkaloids to repel insects.

I've only just learned that mosquitoes feed on plant juices.

CJ>  Then again, maybe you've been squeezing your fists
CJ>  too fast.  8-0

It's more challenging than pulling the wings off them, and I
have the justification of knowing they attacked first :)

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