From: Dave Hamilton
To: Steph Parker
Date: Sep 1 1998 9:47:26 am
Subject: Sexual Acts
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About a message of Steph Parker to Dave Hamilton:

DH>> I personally don't understand why they want that particular
DH>> piece of land. I have a coffee-buddy geophysicist who spends
DH>> a lot of time up there. Everything he tells me makes me glad
DH>> I'm here.

SP> They probably want that piece of land for similar reasons to why many
SP> Indigenous Australian peoples want want pieces of land in the middle
SP> of some of the harshest desserts in the world because it is their
SP> land.

Yes, they are adapted to it. My facetious remark came from my not
being adapted to it. The Northern people can survive in desolate
winter conditions. They've taken from our society what suits them:
snowmobiles, outboard motors, rifles. Those that do well have
taken nothing else. Those that have tried to adapt to our way
of life have become decimated. The Northern community of Resolute
Bay has a phenomenal rate of teen suicide and substance abuse -
mostly gasoline and glue sniffing.

Further West, the Amerinds of the Alutien (sp?) islands, have stayed
reasonably clear of Western culture and have a very civilized, if
not advanced, society.

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