From: Dave Hamilton
To: Karl Schneider
Date: Sep 1 1998 9:14:10 am
Subject: They're still at it...
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About a message of Karl Schneider to All:

KS> It starts out by claiming "The creation model is at least as
KS> scientific as the evolution model, and is at least as nonreligious as
KS> the evolution model".

KS> I just wonder how many idiots will buy into this bullshit.  Grrr.

More than a few. A few weeks ago I enjoyed evening conversations
with an educated, well-read United Church minister. He has read
Gould, Eldredge, Dawkins, and most recently, Behe. We had a little
talk about the complexity of the human eye (Behe's main thesis)
viz the very different eyes of the squid and octopus, and he
conceded that Behe had overstated his case.

The point is that this guy is _looking_ for evidence to support
his preexisting beliefs, and when he finds it, collects it. He's
certainly pickier than Appleton, and given the rest of this
guy's personality, a minor character flaw. But it is truly
amazing what people will believe. I can see the motivation
Sagan had when he wrote _Demon Haunted World_.

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