From: Cindy Haglund
To: Karl Schneider
Date: Aug 1 2002 1:33:53 pm
Subject: Re: deficit
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KS> On (29 Jul 02) Jeff Binkley wrote to Cindy Haglund...

JB> CH>is driving an old beat up rust red '83 Ford pickup. :)  And the
JB> long CH>winding country road where Charles comes to a stop to let a
JB> family of CH>geese cross, is deserted but for this knife weilding
JB> lunatic popping CH>out of the woods...

JB> The red pickup driving around Florida belongs to Janet Reno.

KS>  Which in your diseased mind justifies ridiculing her.  She helped
KS>  a little boy get back to his father and so you hate her.  With that
KS>  kind of 'compassionate conservatism' you could probably get a job
KS>  in the Fifth Reich under Shrub the Uberfuhrer.

I am intrigued how Jeffro Troll dodges topics; altering them into
infinite loop of flame/troll nonsense to which people willingly waste a
lot of
replying to. Ah the fun of it though!

I'm not going to hold my breath that Charles might answer the question posed
to him  wrt the knife weilder scenario. (The Origin of the red truck remrak).

(You'll recall Charles said, he'd leave the decision up to a passerby and
as you know I suggested to him that there is no passerby and then after
next dodge about locking the door I suggested there's no autolock ..that
an old rusted red pickup truck. And then look what Jeff does to this. It
be funny if not so pathetic.)

...  'Nuff said.
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