From: Curtis Johnson
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 12 1998 4:20:51 am
Subject: Salt
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CJ>  There are a *lot* of fascinating studies about what
CJ>  attracts mosquitoes and what doesn't.  (Hey, big beaucoups
CJ>  in effective skeeter scares.)

DH> For sure. We don't have them here, but on the Canadian Shield
DH> there are *blackflies*. They look like very small fruitflies.
DH> Their bites are painless, but they leave an itchy patch of skin
DH> about 4cm in diameter. They cloud around you like mosquitoes.
DH> Marty will know them from Siberia. Most folks I know will allow
DH> themselves to be bitten by mosquitoes and build up enough antibodies
DH> so that they are no longer sensitive to the bites, but blackflies
DH> will intrude sufficintly to get you to take action. Muskoil works,
DH> but it's almost as uncomfortable as having blackfly bites. I'm
DH> happy to be free of them, and home in the village here there
DH> are no mosquitoes. People don't usually screen their windows.

I've seen footage of caribou running madly across the
tundra in an attempt to escape blackflies.

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