From: Curtis Johnson
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 2 1998 6:50:35 am
Subject: Salt
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JB> After considering all those factors, you'd then have to compare the
JB> diets of the subjects. Vitamin B1 in excess of the MDR will repel
JB> mosquitoes.

DH> Wouldn't you then need to compare the tolerance to B1 and the
DH> electrolytes of the subjects? I eat the same as the rest of
DH> my family does but my drug tolerance is very different. As
DH> I said when I jumped in, fleas don't seem to bother me but
DH> they do bite the rest of my family.

DH> I'd think you'd want to check skin secretions.

DH> Seeing that my little nature-peek showed mosquitoes trying to
DH> bite plants and inanimate objects, it seems they are controlled
DH> more by what repels them than what attracts them. Around these
DH> parts, people grow citronella(sp?) plants and make candles
DH> out of them, which seem to successfully repel all kinds of
DH> critters. I've never even SEEN a 4-legged grasshopper.

There are a *lot* of fascinating studies about what
attracts mosquitoes and what doesn't.  (Hey, big beaucoups
in effective skeeter scares.)
One variable you haven't mentioned, though.  Plants
do secrete alkaloids to repel insects.  And you've been
sensibly taking medication to maintain an apparent level
of content, etc. above the norm here, even subtracting the
fundy side.
Then again, maybe you've been squeezing your fists
too fast.  8-0

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