From: Curtis Johnson
To: Sean McCullough
Date: Sep 2 1998 3:41:43 am
Subject: Salt
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>  Speaking of aquifers, early in the next century agriculture
>  in the Midwest will be taking a hit when the Ogalla Aquifer runs
>  dry.

SM> You may be running afoul of Dr. Leipzig here.

SM> When I last mentioned the possibility of the Ogallala Aquifer running
SM> dry, he argued otherwise.

Semantics, possibly.  It is continually being recharged
"upstream," but if depletion continually exceeds recharge, it
will be an underground Colorado River--the first upstream users
(in Wyoming, for instance) hardly feeling the difference, but
the "downstream" users being left with the barest trickle in
their well, much like the Colorado now peters out before reaching
the ocean.

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