From: Curtis Johnson
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 2 1998 1:13:55 am
Subject: Salt
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CJ>  Speaking of aquifers, early in the next century agriculture
CJ>  in the Midwest will be taking a hit when the Ogalla Aquifer runs
CJ> dry.

DH> That soon, do you think? I wonder if the 14th amendment will
DH> apply to occupied countries.

Now, now, we promise to let your grandchildren vote in
their lifetime. And won't it be worth it to be rid of Quebec?
And participate in our wonderful health care system?

DH> At the time of drafting of the first free trade agreement
DH> between Canada and the U.S., international engineering groups
DH> were being asked to propose a feasibility study for terraforming
DH> the MacKenzie river to turn it around and have it flow south.
DH> Another proposal was to draw water from the Great Lakes, connecting
DH> them all with flow valves as well as locks.

DH> One European company presented studies for both ideas. On its
DH> board of directors was one Simon Reisman, the Canadian Cabinet
DH> Minister who was the chief negotiator for the first Free Trade
DH> Agreement, and was on the team for the second.

Interesting.  There are grounds for Canadian "paranoia."

DH> Now, convince me that NAFTA is about anything other than water.

How about hydroelectric power?  8-)

DH> Like as if Mexico opens great new markets for American and Canadian
DH> manufacturers who pay their employees 10 times as much as they
DH> would earn in Mexico.

My major reason for skepticism for your scenario is that
I have great problems thinking our politicians can think farther
than one decade ahead.

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