From: Curtis Johnson
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 1 1998 1:40:16 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Dave Hamilton to Steph Parker <=-

DM>>     It is my understanding that mosquitos can subsist on
DM>> plant juices, but the femals need that extra shot of protein
DM>> from a blood meal in order to make eggs.

SP> Someone else said this as well. I don't know, I'm no great expert on
SP> mozzies but I have never seen them attacking plants.

I have.

DH> I went on an amateur expedition observing both ground wasps and
DH> mosquitoes for the past week and found the following:

DH> Mosquitoes (don't know what sex) will indeed try to intubate anything
DH> they land on, and seem to be successful with ferns and dense bush.
DH> That's where they hang out, too, even though there is no swamp water
DH> about.

Anywhere there's the odd bit of water for them to lay their
eggs in.

DH> If you put a 1/2 full can of Coca Cola out on your porch, you can
DH> kill 40 ground wasps with it in a day and a half. They go in through
DH> the hole in the top and most of them don't come out. I presume they
DH> drown; maybe they become intoxicated and/or disoriented. After a day
DH> and a half, new wasps don't seem attracted any more. It was at that
DH> point that we cut the lid off and counted the bodies.

Probably intoxicated because of the high CO2 within the
bottle's air.
As to why no new wasps, my SWAG is that they might smell
decompsing wasps.

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