From: Don Martin
To: Bob Hyde
Date: Sep 1 1998 11:25:16 am
Subject: [2/2] Homer & Co
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>>> Part 2 of 2...

Nor are they comparable in terms of "mission".
Christians were under what many of them regarded as a
positive command to proselytize: no such notion drove the
pagan religionists. Such a motivation causes copies to be
made. At any given monent in this country, there are
probably more copies of "Watchtower" floating around than
copies of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Does that mean that
Watchtower is better than Poe? It certainly is not better
written, nor does it contain the breadth of human experience
and feeling that Poe's work does. If you object that
Watchtower is "truer" because it is promoting god and Poes
does not, then you need to make the case for the existence
of that god and the worth of that promotion and not bother
counting the difference is numbers of copies.

And finally, though a great deal more could be said of
that fatuity of your assertion, whatever it may be, they are
not comparable in terms of their political standing during
the intervening years. For over a millenium, the NT has been
the cornerstone of those with political power in Europe
(which power included a practical monopoly on publishing
when all of the working scribes were monks and priests),
while the Illiad was a specimen of the pagan tradition,
demonized by those Christians in power. We have no way of
knowing how many copies of the Illiad had the writing
scraped off to furnish refurbished writing material for
Christian tracts, but we do know that very many classical
Greek texts were so recycled.

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