From: Curtis Johnson
To: Tom Goodman
Date: Aug 23 1998 10:50:37 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Tom Goodman to Curtis Johnson <=-

TG> Your correct about Mono Lake.  Mulholland pretty much raped the
TG> Valley water resources up there.  They just went to a low point and
TG> started the pumps till they had a good syphon going.  From then on,
TG> all water seeking equilibrium in the area flowed to the LA Basin's

The Owens Valley folk didn't take it lying down.

TG> (MWD). Many decades ago, I worked in freshwater and sewage
TG> treatment systems and design and it was incredible the number of
TG> process stations they had to use.  But, I was just a plebe then.
TG> Mono is very very slowly coming back, but so is the brine
TG> concentration.  It'll be 20 year before they can use it safely.
TG> Plenty property up there for sale. <g> Heuell Hauser has a series
TG> called "California's Gold" in which he does videos of areas up and
TG> down the state.  The Mono Lake Video was particularly interesting.

TG> Mulholland was a hero in those days.  Not so much anymore.  The LA
TG> Basin was a big money area that tookk advantage of the areas with less
TG> money.  Mono still gets a lot of trucked in water & some small
TG> piplining.

Serendipitously, the _Parade_ insert to many newspapers
has an article on the coming world shortage of water that may
interest you.  It had a couple of articles on the problem with
Owens Lake, which LA had dried completely, is causing severe
problems with wind-blown dust, and for which there is strong
demand that LA refill it; LA says it doesn't have the water.

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