From: Curtis Johnson
To: Tom Goodman
Date: Aug 17 1998 5:58:17 am
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Tom Goodman to Curtis Johnson <=-

TG> Understood.  North of us off 395 is Mono Lake that the City of
TG> LA water pirates sucked most water out of.  After years of battle, LA
TG> has been severely restricted in ussing that water. The point here
TG> is that Mono used to be a beautiful Lake in an arid environ.  At this
TG> time, one can just drive by and see salt and mineral formations
TG> blanketing the entire basin and causing formations up to 20 feet high.
TG> The only thing that will grow in there are tiny brine shrimp. Remember

To be exact, LA was sucking off the water that flowed into
Mono Lake, correct?  I've seen pictures of the formations in the
lake in _Smithsonian_ or _Natural History_.  You might be interested
in looking up Mark Twain's description of it in _Roughing It_--
it had always been a saline lake, with the formations.

TG> that Lot's wife in their flight from Sodom, turned to look and was
TG> turned into a pillar of salt. A little boy wrote in a Sunday
TG> School thing about her, "Lot's wife was a pillar of salt by day and
TG> ball of fire by night.  Long ways for a punch line.  8-) -

IMHO, it was a good metaphor for tears flowing down her.

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