From: Don Martin
Date: Aug 14 1998 12:06:34 pm
Subject: Salt
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> A discussant pointed out to me that this months Sci.Am.
> has an article on salt-tolerating
> plants  (sorry I can't say if that means August).
> Apparently there are very few, and inedible.
> I haven't yet found the article.

fa> That would be me. It is the August SciAm, and while the halophytes
fa> they discuss are edible, the nutrition (IIRC) is not as readily
fa> accessible as in things like barley, wheat, and alfalfa.

fa> They did suggest that they could be used for cattle feed
fa> successfully.

And have been. A delicacy in France is agneau sal pre,
lamb raised in the salt marshes of the north.

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