From: Curtis Johnson
To: Hal White
Date: Aug 13 1998 5:51:08 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Hal White to Curtis Johnson <=-

-> HW> Day is busy exemplifying hubris,
-> Thanks, I figure you might enjoy it.

CJ> Quite time-consuming, though--it takes him only a couple
-> of seconds to make an erroneous statement, many minutes to fact-
-> check it.

HW> That is one reason I've cut back with DB.  The other is
HW> imperviousness to correction.  (the only change I've noted
HW> in that the master group are not called  (by DB) Aryans,  and they now
HW> seem as often (also) identified as yeomen farmers.

That might explain his vagueness about just what he
means by "yeomen."

HW> I was also interested to see that DB, though debating Gibbon,
HW> does not possess a copy.  Sort of like debating the Bible
HW> without a copy.

I wonder just what the situation is with him and Gibbon.
He has come up with a couple of legitimate quotes from Gibbon,
but I note that they are all specifically related to Julian
&/or pagan religious tolerance.  Meanwhile, he "misremembers"
just about everything else he says is in there.  I suspect he's
arrogantly guessing what will be in there, and that he read
someone else who quoted Gibbon and trapped himself with a
claim that he had read the entire work.

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