From: Curtis Johnson
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Aug 7 1998 6:16:35 am
Subject: Salt
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CJ> You know, I've always had a nasty suspicion that was
CJ> why the cursed fig tree was found withered by the disciples the
CJ> next day. . .

JB> Look at the area around a cattle salt block some time...or where a
JB> salt lick has been laid out for deer.

JB> Sowing the ground with salt has also been a technique used to keep
JB> the spirits of dead witches/werewolves/vampires from walking...not
JB> to mention marking 'unholy' ground.

There's the old superstition about throwing spilled salt
over the shoulder to avert bad luck, or having salt about bed
posts to keep away imaginary night creatures (this might actually
deter some insects and spiders from crawling up the bed posts).

And anyone with a nodding acquaintance of classical history,
of course, knows that Rome plowed salt into the site of razed

I've read some Talmudic exchange where the Sage was
asked when salt losing its salty taste.  He answered "The
after-birth of a mule."  "But mules can't bear young."  "Neither
will salt lose its salty taste."

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