From: Curtis Johnson
To: Hal White
Date: Aug 4 1998 2:02:33 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Hal White to Curtis Johnson <=-

CJ> You should've been able to watch my continued demolition
-> job on Day Brown in PHILOSOPHY.  For all his blathering about ancient
-> Greeks, he seems never to have encountered the notion of hubris. . .

HW> I've seen some of your work.  Looks good.
HW> Day is busy exemplifying hubris,

Thanks, I figure you might enjoy it.
Quite time-consuming, though--it takes him only a couple
of seconds to make an erroneous statement, many minutes to fact-
check it.

HW> plants and elements.  Found this in Kirk, David, _Biology Today_,
HW> NY, Random House, 1980.

HW> elements for growth. These definitely include nitrogen, phosphorus,
HW> potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper,
HW> molybdenum, vanadium, boron and chlorine:  they may also include
HW> cobalt, vanadium, strontium and iodine. Furthermore some plants require
HW> silicon and/or sodium."     (pp. 627)

HW> Interesting that the list is so similar to that (elements
HW> required) for animals, EXCEPT sodium.  Odd, eh?

Yep.  But then plants don't have blood or nerves.

HW> I'm vacationing a bit in the next couple days.
HW> Have a good remainder of summer.

And enjoy your travels.

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