From: Curtis Johnson
To: Hal White
Date: Aug 3 1998 3:31:48 am
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Hal White to Curtis Johnson <=-

-> HW> There's a fellow over in "religion" maintaining that small
-> amounts (unspecified) of salt added to soil works as a
-> fertilizer  for plants..   Any comments?

-> can't go around looking for a drink of water whenever they need it,
-> they have the problem of keeping water in their cells and
-> tissues--IOW, avoiding wilting.
HW> [more  good stuff]

HW> I believe I will forward.  Thanks for the effort--very
HW> informnative. Hope you are well.

Reasonably.  This is the first message from you that I've
seen for a while in here or PHILOSOPHY.  I've posting fairly
regularly in both.  There were a couple of stoppages to my BBS,
but virtually all of the backed-up messages came through in a
flood both times.
You should've been able to watch my continued demolition
job on Day Brown in PHILOSOPHY.  For all his blathering about
ancient Greeks, he seems never to have encountered the notion
of hubris. . .

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