From: Curtis Johnson
To: Marilyn Burge
Date: Feb 27 1998 12:36:42 am
Subject: Case #5 3/4
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WP> remain in Therese's body.  Even a drop of water that may
WP> have trickled down her throat in the process of brushing
WP> her teeth was immediately ejected.  For this reason, she

CJ>    How on earth could one possibly check such an
CJ>  assertion?

MB> When was this Therese chick supposed to have lived?  I doubt
MB> that toothbrushing goes back all that far into the human past.

Germany; she was born just before the turn of the century.

MB> I haven't followed this thread all that closely, but I suspect
MB> that the toothbrushing statement is about as legitimate as
MB> a cowboy lighting a cigaret with a Ronson would be in a
MB> horse opera movie.

The problem is not an anachronism, but 1) the
unverifiability of it (was anybody sticking a mirror down her
throat _while_ she was brushing her teeth?) and 2) sheer
implausibility of it, unless, as Marty Leipzig suggested, she
had rabies.

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