From: Curtis Johnson
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 23 1998 9:54:22 pm
Subject: Case #5 2/4
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WP> I just covered it!  I sure want to know how
WP> self-hypnosis can have the body subsist with
WP> only the Blessed Sacrament!  Got an answer for

> The autohypnosis is my suggestion for the stigmata.
> The anorexic "miracle" is bogus, pure and simple.  Except
> possibly for a two-week fast, she simply sneaked food when
> no one was looking and lied about it.  But you strain at
> this gnat and swallow a whale.
WP> Oh, you know she sneaked food!  Goodness, how
WP> do you know that, Curtis?

Quite elementary chemistry and thermodynamics.
And it is typical behavior of anorexic-wannabes.

CJ> Scurvy weakens the walls of blood vessels.  It's the
CJ> first deficiency of a bread-and-water diet, which would take
CJ> well over a year to kill through diet deficiencies.
WP> On bread? Sure, if sufficient bread is given,
WP> but the host of communion is only about an
WP> inch in diameter!  Once a day is hardly
WP> sufficient under normal circumstances, is it?

Yep.  I wrote the above before you posted her
weight gain to 200+ pounds.  The lying bitch was sneaking food.

>	Putnam, if you don't feel a great anger at having been
> hoodwinked by your source, you are indeed hopelessly gullible.

WP> Curtis, do you notice something strange about the
WP> information you give above?  Now, I don't have the
WP> Encyclopedia Britianica to refer to, but I find it
WP> very strange that you gloss over the fact that the
WP> CHURCH (I say again, C-H-U-R-C-H, as in "Church
WP> authorities" above) that is the most skeptical! Is

>	IOW, William, are you not going well out of your way
> to be gullible?

WP> Am I gullible after I wait for the findings of
WP> the Church?  Am I gullible when I wait for the
WP> findings of doctors and scientists who study
WP> such cases?  If that is gullibility, then I have
WP> no idea how it would be to stir you out of your
WP> stubbornness if you will not at least consider
WP> the case.

WP> that the most obvious stance that the Catholic
WP> Church would take under the circumstances?

>	When faced with a mental basket case and palpable
> fraud that could blow up on them?  Of course!

WP> Absolutely!  The Church is the last agency to
WP> agree that it is at least "worthy of belief."
WP> That takes a very long time, Curtis.

The "last agency"?  It's the _only_ damn

WP> is an established fact that after that time she did not
WP> take any solid food in any way, shape or form for the
WP> rest of her life; thus her total abstinence lasted 40

>	That "established fact" is an outright lie.  As the
> Encase. Brit. noted, she flatly turned down twice a request
> by the Church to establish that, with the incredibly lame
> excuse that her father wouldn't let her.

WP> Your opinion noted, Curtis.  The Encyclopedia
WP> Britannia is infallible, and does not at times
WP> make factual errors.  How do you know that,
WP> Curtis?

The Enc. Brit. is a damn sight more reliable
than TAN.

>	I see that it doesn't bother you at all that your
> book omits this.  You are indeed hopelessly gullible.

WP> Then that about ends it, doesn't it, Curtis?

WP> If you don't want to look into it, fine. Go
WP> ahead and remain aloof of it and continue
WP> to disbelieve.  Actually, it does not surprise
WP> me, but I tried.  I think this thread is
WP> about concluded, don't you think?  But it
WP> is your choice..........

You are fucking gullible.

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