From: Curtis Johnson
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Feb 21 1998 9:17:42 am
Subject: Case #5
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CJ> My guess is that Neumann had been eating like the
CJ> proverbial bird before being watched.  The gastric pains she
CJ> had with all the other hysterical symptoms before the stigmata

JB> The 60 Minutes interview with the psychiatrist of the girl in GA
JB> gave the strong impression that all of the females showing stigmata
JB> were also anorexic. It's part of the 'have to be perfect in every way'
JB> mindset that accompanies this type of hysteria.

As I pointed out to William Putnam, a vitamin C deficiency
would weaken the walls of blood vessels.
If one becomes ashamed of having eaten (anorexic attitude),
one would also be prone to eat in secret and deny having eaten.

CJ> I bet you gained insight into why fasting became such a
CJ> favored exercise among the religious.
JB> I probably would have if I hadn't been me. <G> Mostly it was just a
JB> strange sensation and I was more or less watching it to see where it
JB> would take me. A lot like being very stoned except that this didn't
JB> peak and go away in a few hours, it kept on building.

Not really a true fast, but I've gone four or five days
with very little food indeed--I just felt apathetic and *bony*.
Did get the detached feeling, though.

CJ> Water retention?  (Say, didn't we talk about that bit
CJ> before?)

JB> In a way we talked about it before. One of the reactions I have to
JB> antibiotics in meat and milk is for the dura to swell and cause a
JB> meningeal-type headache that will last sometimes 10 or 12 days. No
JB> fun.

Not at all.  I guess it's seafood and the occasional
wild beastie for you, then?

JB> After I started eating again, the weight actually started to go down.
JB> But I was not only dumb to do the fast, I broke it in a really
JB> dangerous way and it's a wonder I'm even alive to tell about it. I
JB> broke it with half a kitchen-sink pizza (including anchovies). And
JB> didn't even throw up.

Was it the antibiotics in the cheese that made it so
dangerous for you?  Or just the amount of food?

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