From: Curtis Johnson
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Feb 18 1998 4:36:47 pm
Subject: Case #5
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CJ> closely watched in the water closet), it would not at all
CJ> be unusual not to move the bowels during a two-week fast.
JB> After the first 5 days, no. Having done an 18 day fast, I can tell you
JB> that the first 3 days are normal, then you have 2 days of all hell
JB> breaking loose...literally.  Once the shits were over, the hunger
JB> pains stopped, too.

I would guess that you did a normal-style fast, with
lots of juices or water?  Did you eat a regular meal or two in
the day or two before the fast?
My guess is that Neumann had been eating like the
proverbial bird before being watched.  The gastric pains she
had with all the other hysterical symptoms before the stigmata
indicates that her gut was closely tied to the state of her
mind.  Certainly she would have thought it impure or very
embarassing to void her bowels where strangers could look at

JB> By day 10, I could hear people talking to me in English and couldn't
JB> understand a word they were saying. I FELT great, though...very light
JB> and clean, colors were intensified, the natural light was wonderful.
JB> didn't even feel any consternation that I couldn't understand what
JB> people were saying to me. I DID get a bit upset when I looked in the
JB> bathroom mirror and didn't see my own reflection, though. What I saw
JB> was someone I didn't recognize at all.

I bet you gained insight into why fasting became such a
favored exercise among the religious.

JB> (I was trying to lose weight. Stupid, but it was impressed on me how
JB> important NOT being fat was. I gained 5 lbs....and didn't eat a thing
JB> in those 18 days.)

Water retention?  (Say, didn't we talk about that bit

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