From: Curtis Johnson
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 9 1998 11:14:32 am
Subject: Case #5
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WP> was indeed chosen for a special ministry -- a ministry that
WP> is rare, and seldom seen throughout the history of the Church.

A ministry?  What good does spilt, untransfused blood
do?  Unless maybe it satisfies someone's taste for gore?

WP> Few canonized saints were so privileged to be similarly
WP> "afflicted."

AAMOF, none at all until St. Francis started the

WP> Coincident to the opening up of the wounds, and the great flow
WP> of blood from every orifice, including the wounds along her
WP> forehead from the great thorns of the crown of thorns, she
WP> would go into as ecstatic trance.  Medical examinations by
WP> banks of medical doctors were on hand to measure every drop
WP> of blood, and to measure every bodily function during these
WP> events.  Nothing could be found to indicate fraud or deceit
WP> on anyone's part.  This went on for years and years, and are
WP> included in mountains and mountains of documents of the many
WP> years these events occurred during her lifetime.  But there
WP> was more to come.

Note the trance part--and note that similar phenomena
are reproduced by hypnotism.

WP> Therese came to take less and less food, until a time came when
WP> the only solid food taken was the Eucharist (the consecrated
WP> bread of Holy Communion.) She subsisted on only this meager meal
WP> for many years and up until her death.  She was closely monitored,
WP> and her every move was documented, and it has been carefully
WP> determined that indeed, the Eucharist was her ONLY meal.

Scurvy weakens the walls of blood vessels.  It's the
first deficiency of a bread-and-water diet, which would take
well over a year to kill through diet defiencies.

Claims of subsisting on no food at all are sometimes
met in the holy men of other religions, particularly Hindu.
Why is your claim evidence for your religion, but not theirs
for their religion?

Incidentally, this might have been a rare opportunity
to settle the Eucharist dispute I wrote to you about the time
of your hiatus.  Before you hit the enter button, understand that
the term that will offend you was used by both sides of your own
denomination, as I told you then.
Did TN ever evacuate her bowels when she was receiving
only the Eucharist?  If so, then one side of the "shit-eater"
controversy about the Eucharist would have been vindicated--
the literal body of Christ would be turned by the believer's
body into shit.

WP> Other phenomenon documented includes speaking in tongues (All
WP> Pentecostals, take note), prophesy, many visions, cures, bi-
WP> location, and other phenomenon that are documented to the finest
WP> degree.

". . .documented to the finest degree"?  70mm movies in
many angles were taken of her visions and bilocations???

WP> Upon her death in 1962, the cause for beatification and ultimate
WP> canonization were immediately started.  Her story, not adequately
WP> told here, is for me, proof that God has left mighty "footprints"
WP> for all of to see and to believe. To read and see the whole
WP> story, one must acquire read the following biographical account:

WP> TAN Books and Publishers

Just why the hell did you choose this particular tit,
and only this tit, to suck off of?

WP> I would only add that one must see the color photographs!

"Bleeding wounds!  Bleeding wounds!  It reminds me of
my wife when she--"

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